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Save Time

The Fan-E-Tool can turn a two man job into a one man job, and it can transform an endeavor that could take up to two hours into a simple task of about 15 minutes or less.

Save Money

Maximize profit by cutting your time in the field by as much as 90% by using the Fan-E Tool system!

Easy to Use

The Fan-E-Tool is so easy to use even a child can do it! With its simplistic and fool-proof design, even beginners can easily and effectively use this revolutionary tool. *Child was under close adult supervision. Do not allow children to operate the tool unsupervised.

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Fits Most Residential Fan & Blower Hubs

If the hubs included do not fulfill your needs, we can have any size you need custom made.

Accommodating for different shaft lengths

Rods and hubs can be stacked to fit any length shaft you are presented with. Extra rods and hubs can be ordered from us at any time.

What Contractors Say About Fan-E-Tool

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Jeff Gipson (owner Advantage Air)


Having the opportunity to be the first to field test this tool before it was available to the public, I felt it was important to share my experience with the tool. The tool performs flawlessly and works as intended. We have and continue to use this tool on a regular basis. This fan puller works better than any we have tried, and we have tried many. This puller is made from real steel and not pot metal as many are today. We have pulled many rusty and damaged shafts from blower wheels using this tool. This tool will preform as advertised I am certain for many years. I liked the tool so well I purchased one for each of my techs as a real time saver on the job. This equates to faster times and more efficient service for your customers. In the end, as a business owner, it just makes sense to me to equip my guys with tools that work. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who is looking for a professional grade fan tool.

Made in USA

Fan-E-Tool is a small, locally owned business in historic Smithville, Tennessee in DeKalb County. It was created by the owner of an independently owned HVAC company, someone who knows first-hand the struggle of removing condenser and blower fan blades and motors. Instead of settling to do it the hard way, he invented this revolutionary tool to make the process much easier. After testing it within his own company, he knew he had to make it available for HVAC technicians worldwide. He contacted his friend and fellow local business owner to begin production`. It is manufactured in neighboring Warren County at BTI (Boles Tool, Inc.), a privately owned tool and die company. It is made from precision machined steel that is coated in black oxide as a rust preventative. It comes in a durable injection molded case that has plenty of extra room for small miscellaneous items such as oil, sandpaper and a small wrench or even extra rods, shafts and hubs. The Fan-E-Tool can provide many years of hassle-free use when maintained properly.

Patent No.: US 10,400,779 B2


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